Swarm City

Swarm City

#Pioneer(ing) with Swarm City at Porcfest

Swarm City, the main sponsor of Porcfest XIV, will be enabling peer-2-peer commerce on the spot! Come find them on sites 40-41 in Agora Valley. Swarm City is a decentralized commerce meta-platform launching its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) on June 15th in a livestream from NH. Swarm City allows users to communicate and transact in a completely decentralized way.

At Porcfest all are invited to join them in their local Hive (sites 40-41) to learn about the project, but also to experience it as well. Swarm City will be stimulating the decentralized economy by offering products and services for sale, as well as purchasing goods and services. Do you need a ride to or from your hotel, an event, or to the other side of the campsite? Do you have leftovers you’d like to share with your fellow Porcfesters? Can you make a store run to help the Porcfest organizers refill supplies? Drop by the site to participate. Become a #pioneer in a new economy.

Want to know more about Swarm City?

In an internet world commerce has become much better than it has ever been, because now we can trade with people all over the world. This means we have access to a greater selection of goods and services, with competition from worldwide producers keeping prices low. From a seller’s perspective, this means their potential customer base is not dependant on location.

However, participating in online commerce does present a degree of difficulty you don’t get with in-person transactions. For instance, purchasing goods from a store is a completely transparent process. The buyer can see and touch the items they’re interested in buying, while vendors take payment immediately. Both parties trust each other, because the entire transaction happens openly.

To facilitate online interactions in a safe and secure way, commerce platforms like Amazon and Uber were born. They make sure both buyers and sellers, or service providers and seekers are above board. But centralized solutions are not the most efficient way to organize. These platforms take a large percentage of each transaction (up to 25% or more!) to pay for all their infrastructure, and by storing all information in a central location it’s ripe for a hacker attack.

Swarm City solves this issue by using the Ethereum Blockchain and smart contracts to create a truly decentralized meta-platform; in which service platforms, retail platforms, companies, and individuals can communicate and transact without needing a middle-party.


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