Vendor Application

Vendors are a welcome and celebrated component of the PorcFest experience. We call PorcFest’s downtown commercial district “Agora Valley.”

Why vend in Agora Valley? 

Being a vendor in Agora Valley gives you a high-visibility space with a captive, active audience. By concentrating our vendors in one high-traffic area, we give attendees a central location to explore, making it convenient for them to stop and shop on their way to and from the hundreds of events that happen throughout the week. Only vendors in Agora Valley are featured on our website and on Whova, the mobile scheduling app our attendees download to use during the festival. Each night, we provide appetizers for our VIP tent, and we source those meals exclusively from our Agora Valley vendors, so you’ll have the opportunity to bid for an additional paid gig. We also provide our core team of volunteers with meal tokens that can only be used for food in Agora Valley, so you will have the chance to turn those tokens into cash at the end of the week.

Still need more perks? OK!

New for 2019:

+DISCOUNTS! As a vendor, you will be able to purchase up to four additional General Admission tickets at the deeply discounted Early Bird price. Now you can more affordably bring your whole crew so you’ll have plenty of helping hands. 

+ADVERTISING! Another perk of vending in Agora Valley is the opportunity to participate in our “Taste of Agora” showcase on Tuesday evening. This is a one-time, two-hour time slot in which you offer deep discounts to effortlessly earn new customers early in the week, which could increase your over-all sales. Just offer something like $1 samples, price one item at 50% off, or have buy-one-get-one-free deals, and you can join in. What do you get out of offering this short-term deep discount? You’ll get increased foot traffic during that time, new customers from day one, and a plethora of word of mouth advertising all week long. We’ll provide additional advertising, both pre-festival and throughout the day on Tuesday, promoting your name, location, and your special deal.

+OPPORTUNITY! Only festival sponsors have the chance to put their swag in all attendees’ swag bags. But never fear! We now offer a swag add-on, exclusively for Agora Valley vendors. For only $100, you can put your chosen marketing material in front of every attendee. (Your chosen item must come in a quantity of at least 1300 and must be received no later than June 10th.) To get the most bang for your buck, think outside the box. Don’t just be one piece of paper in a bag. Create an eye-catching coupon, include your menu with mouth-watering photos, or, if you really want to get their attention, you could include a sample of your product or an item with your logo. Choose something attendees will want to use during the week, like a fan, a pen, a lanyard, or a cup. That’s more eyes on you.


  • All sites include:
    • 30amp RV outlet
    • water hookup
    • sewage hookup (for RV black/greywater dump ONLY)
    • Overnight camping allowed if space permits
    • Picnic table and fire ring
  • Vendor application, payment, and assignments:
    • Submit your details in the form below. Within two weeks of submission, we will review your application. Once approved, we will send you a link to pay your registration fees.
    • Please make your payment promptly. Any payments made after April 18th will result in a $25 late fee. Payments made after May 18th will result in a $50 late fee.
    • Sites will be assigned by the PorcFest Vendor Coordinator within 60 days of the event.
    • Placement requests will be taken into consideration, with first preference going to previous Agora Valley vendors.
    • Sites 1-2 are reserved for PorcRangers and Fr33Aid. Sites 11-12 are reserved for open seating.
    • Refunds will only be considered through May 1st.
    • Upon arrival, your site assignment could change, based on factors like facility maintenance issues, low branches, or site size problems.
  • Load-in and Load-out:
    • All meal tokens must be submitted and cashed-out on the morning of check-out.
    • A $50.00 fee will be assessed for any vendor site that fails to leave their site clean upon check-out.
    • Check-in and load-in on your chosen day will start at 1pm.
    • Check-out and load-out on Sunday June 23rd approximately 12pm (noon).
      • If you need to schedule an earlier arrival time or later departure time, you must schedule with Roger’s Campground directly.
      • If you need to schedule a later arrival time or earlier departure time, please contact
  • Vendors must:
    • Keep your site clean
    • Provide at least two trash cans (pertains to food vendors only)
    • Take all garbage to the dumpster area daily (or more frequently)
    • Include signage at your site
    • Provide tables and chairs (if desired)
    • Be open and operational at least five hours per day
    • Create a business profile on Whova (a registration link will be emailed to you no later than April 18th.
  • Vendors please note:
    • Alcohol sales are PROHIBITED at Roger’s Campground.
    • All vendors ought to follow applicable New Hampshire vending laws. The Free State Project and its officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, volunteers, contractors, affiliates and/or attendees of the Event, whether or not such attendees are in any way associated with the Event, are not liable for any fines or summons if received.
    • New England Wireless has exclusive rights with Roger’s Campground to be the sole internet provider for them. No additional internet providers will be allowed to provide internet services in the campground to avoid interference.
    • Meal tokens may only be accepted by food vendors for food items.


PorcFest offers scheduled content to our attendees over the course of five days (Tue-Sat), but hundreds of attendees come a couple days early for pre-festival fellowship, rest, and relaxation, so you may want to come early as well. With approx. 1,500 attendees, it could be to your advantage to start building relationships with your customers from before-day-one!

  • Vendor Package A – Arrive on Saturday 
*Best Value*
    • PorcFest Agora Valley Vendor fee: $499
    • Check-in on either Saturday, June 15th or on Sunday, June 16th and check-out on Sunday, June 23rd
    • Includes one (1) General Admission PorcFest ticket


  • Vendor Package B – Arrive on Monday
    • PorcFest Agora Valley Vendor fee: $399
    • Check-in on Monday, June 17th and check-out on Sunday, June 23rd
    • Includes one (1) General Admission PorcFest ticket


Additional Questions should be directed to:

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