Freedom Feud 2014 Open Audition

This year, teams for Freedom Feud ’14 will be selected by open audition. Eight teams will participate, and the winning team will receive prizes. Interested? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Form a team of 5 people: 4 participants, and 1 alternate, all of whom will be at Porcfest on Saturday night, and want to participate.
  2. Send an email to, giving your team name, the names of the members of your team, and a pitch for why your team should be included. Videos welcome (but not required)! Keep in mind, general information about your team (not individual participant names), and your video, may be used to promote the event.
  3. If you’re selected, you’ll need to make a poster with your team name, to be displayed while your team competes. Or, if you prefer, create the poster first, and include it in step 2! Remember, the poster will be used to show your team name while you compete, so it should probably be at least a full size posterboard.
  4. Be at the pavilion with your team at 7pm on Saturday at Porcfest XI! If you’re not present when your team is called to the stage, your team will forfeit.