PorcFest XI Logos for Download

PorcFest XI Logo

This year’s logo was designed by Marcus Connor, the creator of Brainless Tales. It was hand drawn with the exception of the porcupine which was created as vector art last year.

Below are PorcFest XI logo files available for download. These files may be used in print or web with various options. The files here are:

PorcFest XI logo files:

  • 1 color EPS
  • 1 color PNG
  • RGB PNG (600px wide)

PorcFest XI ribbon files:

  • RGB PNG (600px wide)

Porcupine files:

  • 1 color EPS
  • RGB PNG (1024px wide)

The Ribbon

The ribbon is a variation of the main logo without the circle.
PorcFest XI Ribbon

The Porcupine

The porcupine, “Penny,” was also designed by Marcus for PorcFest X. She returned this year for her second appearance. You can even buy silver rounds featuring her from 2013.
PorcFest Porcupine

Download Links

You can download all the files at once (first link) or just the group you want.
All files – complete package (53 MB)
PorcFest XI logo files listed above (39 MB)
PorcFest XI ribbon files listed above (14 MB)
Porcupine files listed above (230 KB)

Download Web Only Files

PorcFest XI logo PNG
PorcFest XI Ribbon PNG
PorcFest Porcupine PNG