The Porcupine Freedom Festival, commonly known as PorcFest, is the Free State Project’s flagship annual summer gathering in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Having grown in size and scope since its inception in 2004, PorcFest now typically draws over 1,500+ of the liberty movement’s finest freedom-lovers from across the globe. This safe, fun, and friendly week-long event is packed with parties, panels, classes, delicious food, children’s activities, and much more.

FSP logoThe Free State Project is an agreement among 20,000 participants to move to New Hampshire, where they will work together to create a society in which the maximum role of government is the protection of life, liberty, and property. PorcFest is the perfect opportunity for us to showcase New Hampshire’s offerings and for you to reunite with old friends and make plenty of new ones. Whether you’ve lived in New Hampshire for years or are visiting for the first time, we hope you’ll choose to join us for PorcFest XI.

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