Featured Speakers – 2020

PorcFest will showcase dozens of speakers, presenters, moderators, panelists, leaders, etc. Some will visit from far away, but many will already have made their move to the Free State. Here are a few of the speakers who have already committed to travel to the Free State to share their leadership with us:

Gene Epstein

Gene Epstein

Executive Director of the Soho Forum.
Former Editor at Barron’s
Former senior economist for the New York Stock Exchange.

Matt Kibbe

President of Free the People
Former President of FreedomWorks

Scott Horton

Libertarian Institute
“Enough Already”
“Fools’ Errand”

Jordan Page

Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker

Editorial Director for the American Institute for Economic Research.

Author of thousands of articles and nine books, most recently Liberty or Lockdown.
Editor of The Best of Mises.