Principles of PorcFest

As more and more people visit and move to New Hampshire, so too has PorcFest grown over the years. These Principles have been crafted not as a dictate of how people should be and act, but as a reflection of the community’s ethos and culture as it has organically developed since the event’s inception and as an aspiration of how we hope it continues to mature.

Principles of PorcFest

Principles of PorcFest

  1. Inspire: Demonstrate the value of the Free State Project through rhetoric and reality.
  2. Educate: Expand our understanding of the philosophy of liberty and how to manifest it in our lives.
  3. Rights: Respect personal and property rights. Clean up after yourselves and each other. Exercise proper firearms etiquette.
  4. Inclusion: Interact courteously with fellow attendees, vendors, and
    volunteers. We welcome and respect people with different backgrounds and philosophies.
  5. Participate: Don’t just attend – volunteer, vend, promote, share your project or passion.
  6. Community: Uphold and share the values that make us great. Cooperate and collaborate. Contribute to and take advantage of our amazing resources.
  7. Celebrate: Express your excitement at having found your tribe!

PorcFest XII Logos for Download

PorcFest logos

Here you can download the logos for PorcFest XII 2015.

Below is a list of the logo files available. These files may be used in print or web with various options. The files are downloadable in 3 options:

PorcFest XII Logo File Packages

All packages include the following files:

  • PF 3D logo
  • PF Flat logo
  • PF XII Porcupine Long Shadow
  • PF XII Porcupine Medium Shadow
  • PF XII Porcupine No Shadow

Package 1 EPS Files

Package 1 includes all files in EPS format for printing.

Logo Package 1 EPS

Package 2 PNG Files

Package 2 includes all files in PNG format for web.

Logo Package 2 PNG

Package 3 AI File

Package 3 Includes all the logo variations in a single Adobe Illustrator CS4 file.

Logo Package 3 AI

PorcFest XII Blue Colors

The blue gradient web colors are: #00c3da to #005ed2
The blue gradient print colors are: CMYK 68-0-15-0 to CMYK 100-30-0-0

PorcFest XI Logos for Download

PorcFest XI Logo

This year’s logo was designed by Marcus Connor, the creator of Brainless Tales. It was hand drawn with the exception of the porcupine which was created as vector art last year.

Below are PorcFest XI logo files available for download. These files may be used in print or web with various options. The files here are:

PorcFest XI logo files:

  • 1 color EPS
  • 1 color PNG
  • RGB PNG (600px wide)

PorcFest XI ribbon files:

  • RGB PNG (600px wide)

Porcupine files:

  • 1 color EPS
  • RGB PNG (1024px wide)

The Ribbon

The ribbon is a variation of the main logo without the circle.
PorcFest XI Ribbon

The Porcupine

The porcupine, “Penny,” was also designed by Marcus for PorcFest X. She returned this year for her second appearance. You can even buy silver rounds featuring her from 2013.
PorcFest Porcupine

Download Links

You can download all the files at once (first link) or just the group you want.
All files – complete package (53 MB)
PorcFest XI logo files listed above (39 MB)
PorcFest XI ribbon files listed above (14 MB)
Porcupine files listed above (230 KB)

Download Web Only Files

PorcFest XI logo PNG
PorcFest XI Ribbon PNG
PorcFest Porcupine PNG

Freedom Feud 2014 Open Audition

This year, teams for Freedom Feud ’14 will be selected by open audition. Eight teams will participate, and the winning team will receive prizes. Interested? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Form a team of 5 people: 4 participants, and 1 alternate, all of whom will be at Porcfest on Saturday night, and want to participate.
  2. Send an email to, giving your team name, the names of the members of your team, and a pitch for why your team should be included. Videos welcome (but not required)! Keep in mind, general information about your team (not individual participant names), and your video, may be used to promote the event.
  3. If you’re selected, you’ll need to make a poster with your team name, to be displayed while your team competes. Or, if you prefer, create the poster first, and include it in step 2! Remember, the poster will be used to show your team name while you compete, so it should probably be at least a full size posterboard.
  4. Be at the pavilion with your team at 7pm on Saturday at Porcfest XI! If you’re not present when your team is called to the stage, your team will forfeit.

Improving the PorcFest Experience with Technology

We are actively working to make your planning, travel, and stay at this year’s Porcupine Freedom Festival an easy and enjoyable one with the use of some really amazing new technology.

Some highlights you should be aware of are:

  • Our new responsive website
  • Event schedule app for your phone or tablet
  • Ride share organized through zimride
  • Text notifications for events during PorcFest

New Responsive Website is all new this year and we built it to be responsive which means it will work better on more devices by automatically resizing to fit your device. Most of the site works well on tablets and phones. If you are using a desktop browser you can even try it out by resizing your browser smaller.

Schedule App

phone appThe festival schedule is being managed through a third party product called This allows us to have a very robust, interactive, and dynamic schedule that you, the attendee, can control. You can even download the full schedule as an app that will work on your phone or tablet. Once it’s been opened, it will save the information even without wifi– meaning you won’t need to carry around a bulky schedule booklet once you arrive!

To install the app on your phone tap the icon to add it to your home screen like you see to the right. You can log in using Facebook or Sched to sync to your personal calendar or highlight your favorite events. You can also sync it with your iCal, Outlook, or Google Calendar by following the directions here.

On the website version you can change the view of the schedule using the drop down menu from the top left “Schedule” button. The “grid” view is a personal favorite of the organizers– when fully expanded you can really see the plethora of amazing events we have planned!

Social links alongside individual events help you promote exciting sessions to your friends and followers. Just click an individual event (you can see David Friedman’s talk on alternative legal systems here for example), and then use the Facebook, Twitter, or email buttons on the far right to share.

Ride Share with Zimride

This year we are using a dedicated service to help organize ride sharing to PorcFest called zimride. You can create an account or login with Facebook to find a ride or offer a ride. If you login with Facebook it will allow others to see who you are for added security. Ride sharing has always been a bit complicated in the past, so we hope this helps simplify the process and gets as many people as possible up to Lancaster!

Event Text Notifications

During PorcFest, we are introducing a new system that will send text notifications to your phone (only if you opt in, of course) as a reminder for major events as well as for major changes to the schedule. This is a great way to stay in touch with the major goings on of PorcFest. We will only be sending a few a day and you can unsubscribe at any time.

You can subscribe when you register for PorcFest online (just click “Yes, Send Me Text Messages Throughout PorcFest”). If you skipped this step while registering, we will publish an additional way to subscribe as the festival approaches.

We’re doing our best to improve everyone’s experience at PorcFest X using these awesome technologies, adding great new speakers, and more. See you at PorcFest!