Introduction to Longsword

An introduction to the principles of using the longsword. A fast pace class covering footwork, sword mechanics, basic attacks and defenses.

Teen Mixer

Have lunch and hang out with your fellow teens at the Teen Central.

Permaculture Gardening

Come learn about growing your own food, with special tips on gardening with disabilities.

Splash Party

It’s time to cool down and have a blast! This activity’s day or time will change with rain or chilly weather. Just check the white board at PorcuPint Central for updates.

“Make Your Move” S’MORE Campfire

Porcupine Real Estate will sponsor this special S’MORE-fest as some of their clients share a bit about life in New Hampshire and invite discussion about moving with the FSP for freedom.

The Path to Educational Freedom

Advocates for educational freedom mostly agree on the destination but disagree on how to get there. This session will explore the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches, describe the various obstacles to educational freedom, and attempt to sketch out a path that is both principled and pragmatic.