Upper Body Workout

This 40 minute routine works your arms and shoulders whilst strengthening you core. Done seated or standing, you will work up a sweat! The music is fun and lively, so come on down and work it out! Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Libertarians Are Assholes

How to manipulate people by implementing a philosophy of freedom in their everyday lives – by living liberty instead of just preaching it!

Liberty Startups: Using Freedom to Flourish

Interested in building a scalable enterprise, or just like business war stories? Learn about the intersection of freedom and entrepreneurship while being subjected to mediocre jokes from LBRY and TopScore founder Jeremy Kauffman.

Meet the Regions

Come find out what’s happening in each region of New Hampshire. Learn your option of jobs, housing, and more.

Introduction to Longsword

An introduction to the principles of using the longsword. A fast pace class covering footwork, sword mechanics, basic attacks and defenses.

Permaculture Gardening

Come learn about growing your own food, with special tips on gardening with disabilities.

Life as Penn Jillette’s Sidekick

Q&A! Come meet Matt Donnelly of Penn’s Sunday School Podcast. Find out how Matt & co-hosts use a non-political platform to spread libertarian ideas, what it’s like to be a friend to the most famous magician in the world, and more.

The Ups and Downs of Life in New Hampshire

We’ll discuss the realities of moving for liberty – the good, the bad, and all the rest. What challenges have movers faced, and how have they handled them? Is the life you can build in New Hampshire really worth the effort?