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LP Mises Caucus of New Hampshire [Lounge]
‘Taking human action’
Deni O’Leary (Ben Richards, Eric Sawyer)
Map: ‘LPMC’
L45 Decentralize Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: Do the lockdowns have you pissed off? Are you tired of endless wars, government overreach, and media propaganda? Does big tech censorship concern you? Would you love for a political party to go to bat for you with strong messages of individual liberty? Come hang out with the LP Mises Caucus of New Hampshire and join the movement to create a brave new face to the Libertarian Party!
Activities: Liberty talks, casual gatherings with Mises-themed cocktails, meet and greets with MiCaucs from around the country, discussions about how to take human action to spread the word of liberty.

Anie’s Hive [Lounge]
‘Raising the road to a peaceful future’
Stephanie Buzzell
Map: ‘Hive’
L165 Jefferson Isle, Lwr-Hill
For Whom: Parents and caregivers who are paving the roads to peace through respectful/peaceful parenting and child-led education or anyone who wants to learn more about raising free kids. Also anyone who needs a calming, sensory friendly space.
Activities: Anie’s Hive will be offering discussions and campfire side chats on peaceful parenting, raising free kids, education options, homeschooling, neurodiversity, and more.

Sensory friendly tent and sensory play available all day. Fidgets and sensory friendly things (including earplugs) available. Also offering numerous kids activities at various locations throughout the campground.

Check out the full schedule of offerings on Anie’s Hive website.
History: After 3 PorcFests, our family finally made the move this year, which means I’m happy to announce Anie’s Hive is now in Peterborough! Reopening in NH soon- Anie’s Hive is a village for parents and kids to thrive. Offering parent workshops, consultations and meet ups as well as educational enrichment opportunities and camps for free-spirited kids.
[Telegram] [Website] [FB]

Kids’ Corner [Lounge]
‘A space for raising free kids’
Stephanie Buzzell (Elizabeth)
Map: ‘Kids’
L174 Kindness Isle, Upr-Hill
For Whom: Parents, caregivers, homeschoolers, educators, birth lovers and kids of all ages!
Activities: This will be a space for children to have fun with lots of activities, games and toys. As well as a space for adults to gather to casually talk about anything related to raising free kids- education options, birth choices, peaceful parenting and more!
Note: We are looking for anyone who would like to offer an activity for kids or lead a talk for parents/(-to-be). Topics may include parenting, education options, birth options, etc…
[Telegram] [FB]

Teen HQ [Lounge]
‘Teen HQ ‘
Maggie Shepard (Tarrin Lupo )
Map: ‘Teen’
L106 GaltsGulch Isle, Btm-Hill
For Whom: Teens 13+
Activities: A space led by and for teens. Rad lounging about with other free people, movies, snacks, tie-dye, scavenger hunt and whatever else they dream up. Come as you are, however you are.
Note: We’re in need of a large canopy or tent, beanbags/chairs, and snacks, anything to help make a quirky little hub and hangout.
[Telegram] [FB]

Porcupine Automotive Kids Tent [Lounge]
‘A variety of Kids Fun’
Michelle Rountree (Kenneth Rountree)
Map: ‘Auto’
U28 Porcupine Isle, Up
For Whom: Moms, kids and preppers
Activities: While it will be mostly kids events and a space for mothers to relax, my husband will offer auto consultations by request and have a discussion on prepper vehicles.
History: My husband and I have been coming to Porcfest since 2014. While we were yet engaged, we wanted to find the freest state to start and raise our family. After combing through each state and their laws, we determined that New Hampshire would be the best fit. After a little more digging, we found the FSP, and attending our first Porcfest sealed the deal for us. We found a second “family.”

We are working on finding ways to advance liberty in New Hampshire. I wanted to create a venue where mothers and children could relax but also connect.
[Image] [FB]

Seacoast Liberty Lounge [Lounge]
‘Meet the Seacoast libertarians!’
Stephen Nass (Seamus Casey)
Map: ‘SEAL’
Red Cabin Porcupine Isle, Dn
For Whom:
[Telegram] [Website] [FB]

North County Lounge [Lounge]
‘A place to meet and talk with NCP’s’
Chris Shepard (Jennifer Welborn )
Map: ‘NCP’
L115 Hayek Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: People interested in life north of the notches.
Activities: General Discussions, impromptu live music, food, kombucha, other beverages
History: We live here, we love it, we want to encourage you to join us.
[Telegram] [FB]

Spiritual Tent [Lounge]
‘We are more than this earth’
Map: ‘N2O ‘
L62 Exchange Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: Spiritual people
Activities: Energy healings $10/hr
Drum circles M,W,F
History: Most libertarians are hyper intellectual, hyper rational nihilists, but not everyone is a nihilist.
[Telegram] [FB]

The Quillette [Lounge]
‘Quillette Lounge, Get Lost In It’
Joshua Chase
Map: ‘QL’
L71 Exchange Isle, Btm-Hill
For Whom: The flow of the lounge varies with the people in it. Sometimes chill, sometimes thumping. Definitely not for kids.
Activities: Impromptu discussions – just relax, chill, and bring your best self.
History: We did this last year and it was a great success. This year, we’ll do it even better.
Note: We’re still deciding on things, but the basics will remain the same.

PF Outdoor Adventuring [Lounge]
‘Outdoor Adventures’
Justin Szilard
Map: ‘OA’
L212 Liberty Isle, Btm-Hill
For Whom: People who love the outdoors, whether that includes hiking, biking, sailing, kayaking, SUPing, off-roading, camping, skiing, snowboarding, rock-climbing, or even bird-watching and more. Have an opportunity to meet other that share a similar interest to share adventure stories, “pro-tips”, gear advice, and to potentially continue doing outdoor activities with throughout the year.
Activities: A lounge for people to meet others who also enjoy outdoor activities and/or learn about outdoor activities they’ve been wanting to try. There may be some speakers to either talk about specific outdoor events/activities/places as well as the local Porcupine Outdoor clubs. We may also organize a local hike during Porcfest! Join the telegram group and let us know what you’re interested in! We will also be selling limited amounts of healthy homemade trail mix and not so healthy drinks, but it is mostly BYOB/BYOF
History: My girlfriend and I enjoy doing different outdoor activities, but would like to meet more people around NH that also enjoy the same stuff. There is the Seacoast Sports and Outdoors club as well as Porcupine Outdoor Recreation Club, which are both great, but I remember from when I first moved to NH, it is a bit intimidatingly to randomly show up at a hiking trail having never met anyone in the group prior.
[Image] [Telegram] [FB]
___________ 1st Amendment Audit Hub [Lounge]
Matthew Perreault (Breaking the Flaw, Press NH now. The White Rose society )
Map: ‘CB1A’
L17 Bastiat Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: Activists
Activities: Copblocking, 1st AA audit, civil disobedience
History: Bringing Copblock back to porcfest
[Website] [FB]

Horizen Community Mothership [Lounge]
‘Unbounded by design’ (Nathan Bode, Andy Markl)
Map: ‘ZEN’
L100 GaltsGulch Isle, Lwr-Hill
For Whom: The crypto curious and the crypto serious.
Activities: Join the world’s most secure, interoperable, blockchain ecosystem.
Horizen is a community-driven blockchain project aiming to provide scalable, interoperable, and private blockchain products and tokens to individuals and businesses. Come by and learn about Horizen and our new and innovative sidechain protocol, Zendoo. Free swag. Peanuts. Cornhole.
History: We are ZENvangelists, looking to talk about crypto usage and adoption.
Note: Free QR printing/laminating for ZEN acceptance, discounted pricing for other privacy coins (XMR, ARRR, etc)
[Image] [Website] [FB]

Wild North Farm and Community [Lounge]
‘Permaculture and off grid living’
Shylo Bourdeau
Map: ‘Wild’
U43 Tax=Theft Isle, Up
For Whom: People interested in farming and intentional communities. Freedom and Liberty loving back to Earthers and activists that want to discuss life experiences and visions of the future.
Activities: This will be a very impromptu hub for discussions on varying topics such as permaculture, raising livestock naturally, Cannabis, homeschooling, freebirth, defending our rights, intentional communities, off grid living, self sufficiency and more! There will be food and hand crafted items for sale at times.

Women in the Free State [Lounge]
‘A sanctuary for women to relax & network’
Gabi Maylock (Mari, Viviana, Kat, Michelle, Sondra, Jessica, Gabrielle and other inspiring women. )
Map: ‘Womn’
U30 Tax=Theft Isle, Dn
For Whom: Liberty women interested to meet more women in our community! Single ladies, wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters: Women of all kinds are welcome.
Activities: Overall, the lounge serves as a relaxing get-away for women. Already live in New Hampshire, but want to expand your female network? Thinking about moving, but not connected to other women in the community yet? This is your place, too! Networking events will be organized throughout the week, as well as other opportunities to connect. Let’s honor and embrace our femininity as liberty warriors!
History: As a young adult, Gabi has always been a part of women’s groups. She wants to continue providing welcoming and collaborative spaces for like-minded women. She recently co-hosted a liberty ladies event ran by a few other women and it was a blast! In addition, she was a bit intimidated at my first PorcFest. Her intention is to create a space so new, incoming, and/or younger women feel welcomed in the Free State community.

Tortuga [Lounge]
Colin Gibson
Map: ‘Tort’
L84 Freedom Isle, Btm-Hill
For Whom:


Bettah England [Lounge]
“‘Nananana” Disorganized Non-cooperation’
Kirk McNeil / Kate Ager (Madame President, Madame VP )
Map: ‘Bett’
U17 Tax=Theft Isle, Dn
For Whom: People who would prefer to be gruntled
Activities: Hanging out, Merch sales, Education, Music
History: There was Old England, then there was New England, now there is Bettah England
[Image] [Website] [FB]

AUTONOMY Zone [Lounge]
‘High Value Skills Incubator’
Lisa Arbercheski (Richard Grove (Autonomy/Tragedy & Hope), John Bush (The Greater Reset/Freedom Cells))
Map: ‘Au’
L18 Bastiat Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: Entrepreneurs and others interested in learning high value skills with practical applications aimed at Freedom.
Activities: Autonomy (high-value skills training course), Autonomy Unlimited (digital marketing for businesses seeking to level up), Grand Theft World podcast (non-toxic news, long-form content), Freedom Cells (grass roots networking tools and resources)
[Image] [Website] [FB]


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The Pavillion [Venue]
‘Big Events in the Big Tent’
Dennis Pratt (Carla Gericke)
Map: ‘PAV’
For Whom: Folks who like hoopla, crowds, extravaganza, national/global issues, a wide assortment of opinions
Activities: Speakers by nationally recognized leaders, large panels expressing differing opinions, large social events, SoHo Forum debate, big dance, contests like Soap Box Idol, Big Entertainment. Often topics might be overviewed in the Pavillion, but more intimate discussions and circles take place throughout the campground.
History: In past years we have held much of our programming down in the field, with the bigger name speakers and events, which can attract hundreds, at the Pavillion. This year we’re distributing the community and special interest talks around the campground at more intimate venues that attendees themselves are creating. The Pavillion remains the one place where we can fit hundreds all at one time.
Note: Current — but very tentative — plan is
During the day, major speakers and large panels.
Tues Night: Welcome Ice Breaker
Wed Night: SoHo Forum + Artsy Fartsy
Thur Night: Entertainment
Fri Night: Dance Rave
Sat Night: SoapBox Idol & Farewell
[Image] [FB]

Anthem Theater [Venue]
‘Classes by day; Film by night’
Dennis Pratt & Jo Ann Skousen
Map: ‘Anth’
Office, Parking Lot
For Whom: If you love film about liberty, or are curious about economics, liberty, the FSP, or how to spread liberty
Activities: During the day, hosts the Economics in the Morning series (10A), the Liberty series (11A), the FSP series (12P), and the Tools of Liberty series (1P). 2-3P are topics of liberty. And from 4P – 11P it hosts the Anthem Libertarian Film Festival, offering PorcFest attendees almost 100 shorts and longs documentaries on libertarian topics. In addition, the room may contain some interesting exhibits from the FSP and from PF itself.
History: This is the old “Media Room”, above the Rogers’ office.
[Image] [Website]

Your Home by Porcupine Real Estate [Venue]
‘Finding your home in the Free State’
Constance Spencer (Mark Warden, Franz Honer, Liz Going, Dustin Dodge, Calvin Beaulier)
Map: ‘Home’
For Whom: Everyone, especially people who live in places
Activities: Small talks or discussions about buying, investing, and living in NH with a real estate protective. The evening will be for socializing and playing games.
History: Porcupine Real Estate has been a long time sponsor of the FSP and PorcFest, and we excited to provide a venue for exchanging knowledge and motivating people to make New Hampshire their home.
[Image] [Telegram] [Website] [FB]

The Bardo Farm Self-Reliance Tent [Venue]
‘DIY Life’
Emily Smith (Neil Smith, Jody Underwood, Ian Underwood, Duk)
Map: ‘BFT’
For Whom: Farmers, Families, and Entrepreneurs
Activities: Homeschool gatherings, kids activities, entrepreneur meetups, farmer talks, education talks, lounge, and music spot!
History: We’ve been putting the pork in porcfest since 2007

Upper Picnic Tent [Venue]
‘Spillover lands here’
Dennis (Carla)
Map: ‘UpT’
After Gate, Porcupine Isle, Rgt
For Whom: If you want to compete on SoapBox Idol or PorcTank, or you want to chat with a main speaker.
Activities: Hosts the Soapbox Idol auditions, the PorcTank consulting, and informal gatherings of Pavillion and Anthem speakers post event. Unless scheduled, it is generally available to informal meetings, although Pavillion and Anthem speakers get first priority for their post talk discussions.
History: The Upper Picnic Tent has been where many informal discussions took place. It was a pioneer of the distributed hub structure we are employing this year.


Free the People Studio [Venue]
‘Where conversations are better with beer’
Terry Kibbe (Matt Kibbe)
Map: ‘FTP ‘
L139 Independence Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: We welcome the Liberty Curious. So basically everyone. Anyone interested in listening in on live tapings of Kibbe on Liberty and other stuff
Activities: The Free the People crew will be producing live programing including Kibbe on Liberty and spontaneous pop-up happy hours.
History: The Free Folk at Free the People have attended PorcFest a number of times. This year we are looking to become more active, have more conversations, and become a more integral part of the community. As firm believers in spontaneous order we don’t know how it’s going to turn out, but we do know that it’s going to be awesome.

As John Perry Barlow said, “Let your life proceed by its own design.”
[Image] [Website] [FB]

Liberty Ecclesia [Venue]
‘Christians who love liberty’
Varrin Swearingen (Edi Swearingen)
Map: ‘LE’
U2 RonPaul Isle, Rgt
For Whom: Anyone looking for a family-friendly discussion, socials, and more, conveniently located across from the playground.
Activities: Church service, talks, lunch-time discussions, socials
History: Christians have met every PorcFest, without exception. This year, Liberty Ecclesia continues to provide a place for Christians to gather, and for all to enjoy learning about the most influential anti-state, pro-liberty activist of all time: Jesus Christ.

The Canopy [Venue]
‘Imagine the Possibilities.’
Ilma Galeote (Ronald Fontaine )
Map: ‘FS’
L13 Anarchy Isle, Btm-Hill
For Whom: From knitting to 3D printed guns, Straight Pride to Carnivory, 2A to cosplay, we’re happy to give you a place to share your knowledge. Come spark your imagination with us!
Activities: Every day and hour is different at the Canopy. Check out what’s sparking next!
History: We offered to pitch up a canopy last year when there was a critical need for shelter, and we really enjoyed hosting the various speakers, so here we are again!
Note: Can’t wait to see you there!
[Image] [Website] [FB]

New Vinland Spiritual Village [Venue]
‘Spiritual Village, a home for growth ‘
Devin Rogers
Map: ‘NV’
L93 GaltsGulch Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: Those looking for Spirituality, growth and self improvement
Activities: Spiritual and self improvement events, talks about religion spirituality freedom and meditation. We will also have a beginner Yoga class, a traditional midsummer feast, talks, meditation and spiritual workshops
History: I have been serving Porcfest attendees with Asatru/heathen- (Norse Paganism) summer solstice ceremonies for several years. I am the local NH Asatru priest of the New Vinland kindred that has been practicing Asatru since 1999. I’m partnering with Light and Liberty this year to provide spaces, talks and workshops about multiple spiritual paths working in the liberty community.
Note: Join us to learn about multiple spiritual paths and self help strategies to live a more balanced life. All are welcome to share, experience, learn or just take advantage of some quiet spaces for meditation and recharging.
[Website] [FB]

NHPolitics by Americans for Prosperity [Venue]
‘Putting Liberty into Action’ (Sarah Scott)
Map: ‘AFP’
L21 Bastiat Isle, Lwr-Hill
For Whom: Those interested in the New Hampshire political process and how liberty legislation sausage gets made.
Activities: Open discussions, trainings, and social hours focused on NHPolitics legislation and campaigning.
History: AFP-NH exists to break down barriers and move society towards one of mutual benefit where every person can achieve their maximum potential.
[Image] [Website] [FB]

Bitcoin Hub by Embily [Venue]
‘Bitcoin, Crypto, and Sound Money ‘
Duke (Bitcoin Motorist) (Mel Sands, Joe Saz, Suze Pereyra, Kyle Goodman)
Map: ‘BTC ‘
L35 Crypto Isle, Lwr-Hill
For Whom: For Bitcoiners, Crypto Lovers, Austrian Economists, and Sound Money Advocates
Activities: We will host talks and panels by Bitcoiners, Crypto Lovers, and Austrian Economists. A Bitcoin Lounge, Toxic Meetup, and Poker
History: Where Bitcoiners can go nerd out about the tech and philosophy of Bitcoin!
Note: Sponsored by Embily, USA
[Image] [Telegram] [Website] [FB]

Body Freedom Village [Lounge]
‘Freedom is for Every Body’
Jeff Y. (David G., Ed, Casey G.)
Map: ‘BODY’
L183 Kindness Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: Join, help, or visit, and experience how liberating it is to express yourself! Open to friendly people regardless of gender, body type, sexual orientation, religion, etc. For safety, kids must be accompanied by their parent / guardian during the day, and are not welcome after dark.
Activities: Hot tub, lounge, yoga, body painting, board games, discussions, and just chillin’ with music. Communal showers provided by David G. and Ed! But we need your participation to make it happen! Small tent spots may be available for people who share a vision and want to help!
History: Individuals should be free to express themselves in any way, as long as that expression is not a direct initiation of force. Individuals should never be compelled to express themselves in a way that some deem is a moral imperative, such as via mandates to salute a flag or wear clothing. This hub will provide a community where people can be themselves!
Note: Camp with us! We are just starting up, and actively looking for participants, volunteers, event hosts, and other contributors. If you think you can add anything (hot tub expertise? very chill spotify playlist? good at decorating tents? massage therapist?), please let us know. Join our Telegram group chat today!
[Image] [Telegram] [Website] [FB]

DestinationFreedom.Org [Venue]
‘State vs. federal Citizenship’
Christopher Gronski
Map: ‘DF’
L67 Exchange Isle, Lwr-Hill
For Whom: This Daily Talk at 11:00 am at RV Site 67 would only be interesting to those who wish to be free from a federal income tax liability and those who wish to learn how to secure their liberties by being outside the limits of federal jurisdiction.
Activities: Determine if you have a federal income tax liability. Are you a state or federal citizen? Most people do not even know that have a choice. How much could you invest in Cryptocurrency if you did not have to pay an income tax to the criminals in the District of Columbia?
History: Living in New Hampshire since 1987, Christopher Gronski has been studying Federal jurisdiction and tax laws for over 20 years and has been a Freedom Consultant for many Freedom minded American people from around the States and world. Christopher has successfully worked with the U.S. State Department in acquiring United States Passports for State Citizens, without them being U.S. (federal, 14th Amendment) citizens. His State Citizenship work has included the New Hampshire State Department, NH DMV and New Hampshire Superior Court. Christopher teaches Online State Citizenship Classes and Workshops.
Note: Join us Daily at 11:00 (am) RV-Site 67 for a talk State Citizenship and the limits of federal jurisdiction.
[Telegram] [Website] [FB]

Mind Over Murder [Venue]
‘Whodunnit? And can we prove it?’
Skoti-Alain Elliott (Jennifer Elliott, Regan Elliott, Jack Garber)
Map: ‘MIND’
U35 Tax=Theft Isle, Dn
For Whom: Those who think about what they think about.
Activities: An interactive whodunnit mystery series.
. . . Making important life decisions takes careful logical reasoning to analyze the information we have, determine the relevance and objective truth of that information, develop solutions, and grow intellectually.
. . . Like all other valuable skills, logical reasoning takes practice and awareness. And one of the best and most fun ways of practicing logical reasoning skills is through literature, specifically Detective Stories or Whodunnits!
. . . Detectives are like scientists in many ways. The scientific method must be the tool of art in the science lab and the crime lab. Like scientists, detectives use inductive and deductive reasoning while systematically considering each clue as to its validity and how it logically fits into the big picture of the crime. The detective uses logical reasoning while investigating how each party in the story might be a suspect if that party has not yet been eliminated.
. . . Join us for a series of Whodunit Mysteries where, together, we will have a blast practicing logical reasoning. At the same time, we solve crimes and discuss the everyday ways we connect, reject, or get caught out by life clues—all while having fun and meeting new people.
History: I’m a software developer. It’s a skill that includes analytical reasoning, information analysis, resource allocation, and the ability to isolate variables in order to properly analyze problems and devise solutions.
. . . It wasn’t until I began teaching others to be developers that I realised we use these same tools to make good life decisions. From choosing the foods we eat, to driving in a car, to teaching our kids–we make millions of these reasoned decisions every day.
. . . But, like everything else, getting better at something requires practice. And the best way I’ve found to practice analytical reasoning is by solving detective mysteries. Not only do they require and grow all of the skills mentioned, they are a lot of fun as well.
[Image] [Website] [FB]

Liberty Software Academy [Venue]
‘Code your way to freedom’
Jon Pawelko
Map: ‘LSA’
L19 Bastiat Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: All ages interested in coding
Activities: Demonstrations of the types of coding projects I cover in class.
Note: I teach video game programming classes locally in NH and online via Zoom. Stop by for a demo or more information.

Gazebo [Venue]
‘Out beyond the campsites’
Map: ‘Gazf’
Gacebo Odyssee Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: A tranquil place to escape the festival for a short while
Activities: Out beyond Odysee Isle, Mid-Hill, at the end of Silk Road, is the Gazebo. It has been a place for meditation and for ceremony, but with parking tight this year, it may be a bit less serene.

Bingo Hall [Venue]
Map: ‘Bing’
Next to Pool
For Whom: For private rental for your group.
Activities: The Bingo Hall is available to anyone to rent for $250/day. It provide cover and several picnic tables. It is being rented at least Thursday for a kids day.
History: The Bingo Hall has been the center of the PorcuPints program. This year, those activities have been distributed through various hubs.


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Kowloon Saloon [Food]
‘Longlasting Friendship’
Mikey L
Map: ‘KOW’
L29 Bastiat Isle, Btm-Hill
For Whom: Everyone
Activities: Chinese style cuisine, 24 hour snacks, and more
History: 6 years of snacks, 4 years of breakfasts, 2 years of dinners
[Telegram] [FB]

Lets Get Loaded Food-Old Fashioned Soda [Food]
‘Lets Get Loaded Fries’
Shawn Grissom
Map: ‘LGL’
L15 Bastiat Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: Food Lovers
Activities: Loaded Fries-Poutine-Old Fashioned Soda
History: Love to meet everyone that comes by for a bite or sip
[Website] [FB]

Fluffy Porcupine Coffee [Food]
‘Fueling freedom, one cup at a time!’
Edi Swearingen (Erin Swearingen)
Map: ‘FPC’
U27 RonPaul Isle, Dn
For Whom: Something for everyone!
Activities: Serving hot/iced coffee, tea and specialty drinks with a “fluffy” edge and a smile!
History: Returning for another year of PorcFest fun!
Note: Full menu under construction… follow us @ and drop a post with drink suggestions!

Wicked Wonderland [Food]
‘Food, booze & Art!’
Marisa McCabe (Stuart Carbonneau, Win Maxwell)
Map: ‘Wckd’
L58 Decentralize Isle, Btm-Hill
For Whom: Everyone and anyone
Activities: Food truck, planned dinner meals (limited quantities), full specialty bar, handmade art, huge variety of vintage and modern items (wicked_finds thrift shop) and much, much more! You will have to stop by to check it all out!
History: Everyone is very encouraging and appreciative of my art and other offerings, as well as the love of my margaritas last year 😁
Note: Dont miss out, we are moving up near agora this year! Those of you who stopped by my site last year (236 wicked craft creations) stop by and say hello!

Monster’s Tacos [Food]
‘Taco Life’
Shawn Grissom
Map: ‘Taco’
L14 Anarchy Isle, Btm-Hill
For Whom: Food Lovers
Activities: Authentic Street Tacos
History: Food brings people together
[Website] [FB]

Beyond Pho Keene Great @GourmetVietnam [Food]
‘Viet “Savoir Fare” & MassageMe Lounge’
Isabelle Rose (N/A)
Map: ‘PhổQ’
L22 Bastiat Isle, Lwr-Hill
For Whom: Phở Lovers & Bánh Mì Freaks. Also, those needing healing through massage therapy.
Activities: Limited Phở offerings & Bánh Mì until sold out. Then a surprise menu! Hub will also have a lounge and be shared with a super massage therapists: “MassageMe”. R&R. Receive a professional massage and afterwards enjoy the best French-Vietnamese “savoir fare” in the 603!

Tekegram Group:

Telegram Channel for menu:
History: Free enterprise without government perversion. Attended PF in 2020, on last day of the festival and was hooked
Note: Additionally, a lounge at this site will be setup by MassageMe:
Professional table massage – walk-in/first come first serve. With so much rubbing us the wrong way, come let MassageMe rub you the right way.
15 minutes $20
30 minutes $35
45 minutes $50
60 minutes $70
See your bear ass there!
Starts Monday, 6/21
Ends Saturday, 6/26th

Telegram: EuphoriaGourmetVietnam
[Website] [FB]

Pam’s Cookie Cache [Food]
Pam Ean (Garret Ean, Marhiya Tucker)
Map: ‘Pam’
U90 Williams Isle, Ctr
For Whom: People who love homemade cookies made with real butter, sugar and flour. Tree nuts also used. Cash only business.
Activities: Chocolate chip cookies, pecan fingers and Christmas tree cookies.
History: My cookies sold out during last year’s PorcFest.

Little Zoe’s Fire Box Pizza [Food]
Melanie Forster
Map: ‘LZP’
L54 Decentralize Isle, Btm-Hill
For Whom:

Noone Meat & Massage [Food]
‘Dome grown pork & mountain massage ‘
Shalon Noone (Jay Noone)
Map: ‘NMM’
L80 Freedom Isle, Lwr-Hill
For Whom: Those who eat ethically and want to relax
Activities: Chair massage offered in 15 minute increments while you wait for your sausage, pork chops, breakfast tacos or sandwiches etc
History: Combined we have been to countless porcfests past. This place is so dear to us that we tied the knot on the mountainside in 2018!! This will be our daughter’s second year attending. We bought a dome house in NH and started raising pigs at the start of the scamdemic. Jay cooks and Shalon offers therapeutic chair massage as she has for years.

Kirby’s Q [Food]
‘Always smoking something ….’
Ken/Carolyn Urbanski (Ken Urbanski, Carolyn Urbanski, Chris Dearden)
Map: ‘KQ-F’
L31 Crypto Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: Hungry Porcs looking for great food.
Activities: Breakfast – the Kirbyman Muffin is back!
Dinner – Chicken, pork, pork ribs, and kabobs with assorted sides (nixing the bread this year)
Beverages – Plain & sweet southern iced tea, Starbucks coffee, and bottled waterWill be selling a limited number of bottomless tea/coffee mugs.

History: Kirby’s Q began as ‘Porc BBQ @ Porcupine Real Estate’ in 2014. (Kudos to Mark!) Great gathering, great conversations, and great friends, old and new. There’s nothing better than feeding friends and having a great vacation that pays for itself.
Note: Open for breakfast and dinner. Open afternoons as the spirit moves us. We will regularly publish when we are open / closed.

We will definitely be closed during Tom Woods, because we all want to hear his talk!!

[Telegram] [FB]

Pineapple Express [Food]
‘Really Good Food, Cooked by Jamaicans.’
Josie (Asha)
Map: ‘FooD’
L201 Liberty Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: If you are looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a chill vibe.
Activities: Pineapple Express will be back at Porcfest 2021 with, Classic breakfast fare, Island food, Desserts, Bottled Refreshments. Serving times will be: Breakfast : 7-10am, Lunch : 12-2pm, Dinner : 6-9pm. Crypto-friendly. Look for menu and pre-orders on Instagram. @ashajeneen_
History: Both are trained chefs and Josie won The PF Chili Cook-off in 2014! We love freedom.
[Image] [Telegram] [Website] [FB]

Liber-tea Party [Food]
‘Quenching the thirst for liber-teas’
Macy McNair
Map: ‘TEA’
L73 Freedom Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: Everybody!
Activities: All day self-serve’n’go hot coffee, tea and cocoa. Handcrafted iced tea and iced coffee with daily specialteas to keep it extra refreshing!
History: Pilot year of Liber-tea Party, brought to you by a 4 year Porcfest goer
Note: Official drink offerings TBD but they will be tea-riffic! :)

Jam n’ Jerky [Food]
Catarina Priolo (James Stroumbas)
Map: ‘JnJ’
L86 Freedom Isle, Btm-Hill
For Whom: Hungry Folks!
Activities: Serving healthy comfort foods for breakfast & dinner,
Homemade jams & jerky
History: Last year was our first year, we’ll be back in the same spot to do all it bigger and better with waaaaay more jerky!

At Least Crepes [Food]
‘Or in Norwegian, tynne pannekaker’
Russ Nelson (Ewa Nelson)
Map: ‘ALC’
L118 Hayek Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: Hungry people
Activities: We will, in front of your very eyes, conjure up a fantastic Norwegian classic, the thin pancake, og en Norsk, tynne pannekaker. They are fine to eat plain, with butter, or chocolate hazelnut butter.
History: Nobody has ever served crepes at any PF I’ve attended.

Sedition Kitchen [Food]
‘Sedition Kitchen – Market for Meals’
Chris Galipeau (Rachel Filumimia)
Map: ‘SK’
L153 Independence Isle, Btm-Hill
For Whom: People who enjoy locally sourced, sustainable food and alcoholic beverages.
Activities: Delicious meals cooked by professional chefs, cocktails and hot sauce too!
History: Chef Chris has been cooking professionally for 20 years and wishes to share his love of food and got sauce with the liberty lovers at Porcfest
[Website] [FB]

MamaMaria’s Gyros and more [Food]
‘Authentic Greek Food.’
Maria Korfiatis
Map: ‘GYRO’
L5 Anarchy Isle, Lwr-Hill
For Whom: Everyone
Activities: Gyros, snacks, drinks, and Thursday we are hosting a Birth in the Freestate Lounge/Panel with a Midwife

Hempzels™-Lancaster Trading House-#43 [Food]
“‘It’s All About the Seed”yeah & da weed”‘
Shawn House
Map: ‘Hemp’
L43 Crypto Isle, Btm-Hill
For Whom: Open minded cannabis loving free Wheelin’ Franklins’, Fat Freddys’ & Lady Janes!
Activities: From Lancaster County Pennsylvania – a limited amount of soft Hempzels™ stix plus some gluten / wheat free soft pretzel’s – Sourdough Crunchy Pretzel Peaces – Horseradish Hemp & Honey Mustard, Sweet Garlic Jam, Organic Granola Bars 7 types gluten free, moist – visit the website and see – nice Hemp T-Shirts, plus other good stuff to barter bitcoin, silver, gold, weed, seed. Political activism from the Lancaster County Libertarian Chair – strategizing for 2021-2-3.
History: PF Vendor, 2013,14,15, 18,19 – my Pennsylvania Libertarians bugged me and thankfully I finally listened.
Note: Call 1-800-USE-HEMp if you have a special request for me to bring up –
[Website] [FB]

Breakfast [Food]
‘Our fresh, local, eggs bacon and sausage’
Mike Harris
Map: ‘BFST’
L166 Jefferson Isle, Lwr-Hill
For Whom: Hungry people
Activities: Breakfast sandwiches omelets coffee mire
History: Been coming for years, got lots of great sausage and bacon, want to share

Color Cafe [Food]
Amber Daves (Stephen Daves, Melody Daves, Jonah Daves)
Map: ‘CAFE’
L11 Anarchy Isle, Btm-Hill
For Whom: hungry people…who like fun!
Activities: Food, cotton candy, and coloring


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Kirby’s Corner [Products]
‘Always making something ….’
Carolyn Urbanski (Ken, Carolyn, Chris, Michele, & Mike)
Map: ‘KQ-P’
L30 Crypto Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: People wanting to hang out, get items for their campsite, or take home PF
Activities: Kirby’s BBQ sauce, pickled veges/fruits, smoked/sliced turkey breast by the pound, and hickory smoked sea salt. Beads, art, essential oils, and more. Watch for announcements.
[Telegram] [FB]

Taggart Trading [Products]
‘Precious Metals’
Marc Tancer
Map: ‘TTPM’
L42 Crypto Isle, Btm-Hill
For Whom: anyone who wants to
– look at
– buy or sell
– learn about
– discuss
precious metals, gold, silver, platinum, palladium
United States and Confederate States of America paper money
Activities: buying and selling gold, silver, platinum, rare coins, paper money. Will host a precious metals investment seminar, including educating about the nature of the gold and silver industry, choices of physical metals, benefits and disadvantages of each choice, authentication, and hints and tricks from about 10 years of conscientious experience in the industry.
History: PF attendee 2015-2016; vendor 2017-current

HyBrasil Glass & Art [Products]
‘Glass for your Grass & other pretties.’
Laura Christoffels (Buddy Brazil)
Map: ‘HBGA’
L130 Hayek Isle, Btm-Hill
For Whom: Over 21 for functional glass but anyone can shop the other items.
Activities: Glass pipes, glass pendent jewelry, sparkly headbands, porcupine-themed fabric items
History: We have been vending at Porc Market Days with Bardo Farm for several years.
[Image] [FB]

Rozfire Geek Shop [Products]
‘Low cost books and geek gear!’
Sarah Rose
Map: ‘ROZ’
L28 Bastiat Isle, Btm-Hill
For Whom: Anyone who loves anime, comics, and the geek scene. Plus anyone who likes cool t-shirts and pinback buttons!
Activities: Looking for something fun for you or the kids to read? Pickup some of our low-cost manga, comics, and books! You can also showcase your geek side with our t-shirts, drawstring backpacks, and pinback buttons. We will have some Porcfest exclusive Libertarian themed merch as well! Swing by and check us out!
History: We’ve been vending at anime conventions for six years, but this is our first year at Porcfest! We hope that other geeky libertarians will enjoy what we have to offer.
[Image] [Website] [FB]

Wild Child Way [Products]
‘A space for art and herbs!’
Corinn Algier
Map: ‘DWC’
U14 RonPaul Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: Anyone and everyone who loves art, science and the natural world.
. . . My potions range from natural topical care, seasonal items such as bug spray, after bite, sunscreen, sunburn care, CBD and THC based topicals and consumables, herbal teas, syrups, extracts/tinctures, topical magnesium, baby care, facial care, aromatherapy, and much more.
. . . My daughter will have her Unicorn Magic business set up as well. She makes all kinds of creations at kid friendly price points.
History: Spending most of my adult life in Pharma, but with a holistic healing heart, I made the switch into herbalism when my daughter was born. Pouring everything I love about science, art and healing into The Domesticated Wild Child, it is now my full time mission to share effective herbal remedies with the community.

Joy Ambassadors Club [Products]
‘Crystals and More’
Julie Bryan
Map: ‘JAC’
L47 Decentralize Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: People into crystals and metaphysical services
Activities: A metaphysical food truck. Reiki healings sessions, crystal, ritual supplies and medium readings.
History: I just found out about the FSP at the Light and Liberty festival. I’m excited to learn a lot more about liberty.

Lees Bees [Products]
‘Gifts from the pollinators’
Keith Ott (Melinda and Nick Michel)
Map: ‘Bees’
L237 Mises Isle, Btm-Hill
For Whom: Anyone interested in natural health and relaxation remedies or the pollinators complex contributions to gardening and the ecosystem at large.
Activities: Lees Bees is a woman owned business located in North Canton, Ohio offering the finest quality natural body care, honey, and CBD products. Our mission is to educate the community on the importance of pollinators, mentor new beekeepers, and formulate luxury handmade items.
History: Melinda and Nick run a Business in Ohio and attended Porc fest in 2014 with Keith Ott. Keith is a mover with the Free state project, moved in 2012. The energy and excitement over the years at Porc Fest , Liberty Forum and in New Hampshire has been excellent.
[Image] [Website] [FB]

Zombie Defense – Blowguns & Accessories [Products]
‘Every kid needs a blowgun!’
Daniel Shortell (Faizal Shortell)
Map: ‘BLOW’
U83 Williams Isle, Rgt
For Whom: Kids (and adults!) who like Nerf guns, catapults, slingshots, BB guns. Target practice solo or round up a group of friends for a good ‘ol fashion battle.
Activities: Just selling my handcrafted blowguns…and perhaps some treats :)
History: Nerf guns are fun and all, but these things CAN actually do some damage, yeeeeoooowww!
Note: Blowguns made by a kid for kids!

The Sticks Apothecary [Products]
‘Holistic Wellness & Afrocentric Vibes’
Mz.Lane (Kendall Strahan)
Map: ‘dSTx’
L205 Liberty Isle, Lwr-Hill
For Whom: Those wanting to replace or try herbs instead of meds.
Activities: I will have soaps for men,women,and children. Tinctures, tea blends, herbal smoke blends, yoni steam blends, face soap, shampoo and lotion bars, etc….. Will have savory herb flavored popcorn and our vey own seosoning blends. (Samples given)
History: My husband and I produced PF a few years ago; moved here from Tx in 2016 and this is our 5th PF attendance:) Motivation to vend this yr; everyone needs a clean ass so why not make soap and yoni blends🤷🏾‍♀️

TheLoveBus & DYI Radio Show [Venue]
‘Declare Your Independence Radio Show’
Ernest & Donna Hancock
Map: ‘LBus’
L169 Jefferson Isle, Lwr-Hill
For Whom: Homesteading – Solutions – Community – Truth
Activities: Morning Coffee and Goodies with Studio Audience Participation
History: 12 Years a regular feature at PorcFest
Note: “Freedom’s The Answer… What’s The Question?”
[Image] [Telegram] [Website] [FB]

Agora 38. Deplorable Neanderthal [Products]
‘Wear truth’
John Griffin (None)
Map: ‘JRG’
L38 Crypto Isle, Lwr-Hill
For Whom: Political n conservatives
Activities: T shirts
History: Current government


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Registration [Service]
‘Start here’
Constance Spencer (Diane Kelley, Regan Elliot)
Map: ‘Reg’
For Whom: All
Activities: I’ll update with hours once I have them.


Fr33 Aid [Service]
‘Volunteers Helping’
Map: ‘Aid’
Behind Pavilion
For Whom: If you need medical assistance.
Activities: Volunteers will man Fr33 Aid to assist those who may need it.
History: Fr33 Aid is a staple of PorcFest — people helping people


PorcRanger Station [Service]
‘De-escalation and win-win’
Harvey Gruber
Map: ‘Rang’
Behind Pavilion
For Whom: If you suffer a violation of self-ownership
Activities: If there is a problem, our volunteer rangers will try to help find a solution
History: PorcRangers have been helping porcupines privately, without seeking


The Blueberry [Service]
‘Chiropractic – Healings – Readings’
Tarrin Lupo
Map: ‘Blue’
MH4 Porcupine Isle, Lft
For Whom: Anyone who likes Chiros and energy woo woo folks
Activities: Chiropractic services, Metaphysical Healings, Readings and Gem Sales. Host the Light and Liberty welcome party
History: Been with PF 13 years
[Telegram] [FB]

Revival Ranch, home of The Free Ranger [Service]
Chris Nass
Map: ‘RR’
L1 Anarchy Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: Activist wanting to know how to raise heritage livestock on grass. I will be conducting a safety check at 4:20 everyday. Headquarters of the Yellow Kickball Future FreeStaters team.
Activities: Revival Ranch Village from Oregon Wisconsin, welcomes you to rest my table to discuss joys of small scale farming. Consulting services available on management intensive rotational grazing and poultry/livestock husbandry. Wisconsin products such as sheep pelts, Spotted Cow beer, Swiss Cheese sandwiches, fresh hot water for instant coffee/tea.

Once a day, I will demonstrate how to make promotional buttons using the USButton 250 Machine. Guest will have the opportunity to make their own custom buttons (activity for children and adults). Door prizes everyday.

Revival Ranch is proud to sponsor the Yellow Kickball Team.
I will be providing garbage removal services for PorcFest Facilities Services Team.

Sponsor a Toilet Today!
History: I’ve lived a very good life.


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NHexit [Consulate]
‘nothing Succeeds like Secession’
Russell Kanning (Dave Ridley)
Map: ‘NHex’
PM18 4th Amendment Isle, Ctr
For Whom: anyone seeking info on the NH independence movement
Activities: We will have a help desk open 9-5 (indoors/outdoors) with info from any and all organizations related to NH home rule and decentralization. We might also coordinate discussion groups once a day.
Note: Help desk (keeping Bureaucratic hours 9-5 with lunch)
[Image] [Telegram] [FB]

Free Talk Live & LRN.FM [Talk Radio]
‘Talk Radio You Can Control’
Ian Freeman (Aria DiMezzo, Captain Kickass, Mark Edge )
Map: ‘FTL’
L46 Decentralize Isle, Mid-Hill
For Whom: Listeners of liberty-oriented talk radio.
Activities: Daily radio show production.
History: Longtime Porcfest broadcaster
Note: Thank you for your service!
[Image] [Telegram] [FB]


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