Register at PorcFest

Tickets may be purchased at the event. When you arrive, please check in first at the new registration location to the right of the main entrance on the main road (look for the banners). PorcFest registration hours are 9a-6p Monday through Friday and 9a-3p on Saturday. Please park only on your own campsite or in the parking area at the bottom of the hill, and please do not park in front of the dumpsters.

Registering for PorcFest is a two step process: buy tickets and book your accommodations. Here’s how:

1. Event Ticket

ticketOnline registration is now closed. If you were unable to preregister, walk-in tickets will be on sale at the event: $100 for the whole week or $45 per day.

2. Lodging

tentWhere you sleep is up to you! RV sites are available from Roger’s Campground. Please note that you may camp with a tent on an RV site, as all the tent sites are now sold out. You can also stay at another area campground, motel, or B&B. Book your accommodations separately right after you register to ensure you can stay exactly where you like.