What is your interest?

  • Volunteering: Help our volunteers support attendees to craft together our best PorcFest ever!
  • Vending: It’s as easy as grabbing a campsite and selling your product or service. But we can help even more! Tell us what you’re offering attendees and we’ll alert them to you campsite!
  • Venue: Put up a canopy tent at your campsite, add some folding chairs, and now you are the host of whichever speakers, activities, discussions, etc. YOU want at PorcFest. Tell attendees your theme, pick and choose your speakers and activities for your venue, and inform us which of your events you want on our official schedule.
  • Lounge: Put up a canopy tent at your campsite, add comfy seats and perhaps a little environment, and create a cozy spot for attendees and speakers to gather and hang with you to chat and connect, to eat and imbibe, perhaps around a theme of your choosing! Tell us where folks can visit you!
  • Speakers & Event Planning: If you want to put something on, and you have a campsite, you’re fine.  But if you don’t have a campsite of your own, you need to find one to host you.  Go to this Telegram group and tell attendees what you would like to offer.
  • Sponsorships: Show your support for the best liberty event of the year!
  • Attendees: You’re going to PorcFest just to enjoy the festival, to visit other attendees at their lounges, to listen, to discuss, and to participate in activities at other attendees’ venues, and to buy vendors’ food, drink, products, and services. Join our discussion groups, and start getting excited for your week-long vacation into a “liberty in your lifetime” village.
  • List of Links: Our largest list of links, to everything from videos of past PorcFests, to list of things to take, to affinity groups that you might enjoy, is in this Telegram group.  Download the Telegram app and explore the richness of PF XX 2024

For all other inquiries, please email:

PorcFest on FaceBook

Early on, you can connect with organizers and attendees on FaceBook:

  • PorcFest Facebook Group: Discuss, plan, and coordinate with other attendees and with our volunteers. Find out who is offering which venues and which lounges, who is selling what, which speakers are coming and what they’ll be talking about, and what activities you, your family, and your friends will be engaging in during the week. Introduce yourself, select and contact speakers, create new hubs of activities, figure out what you’ll need to take and when you’re going

PorcFest on Discord

  • PorcFest Discord Group : Join our discord group to talk about all things Porcfest. This is a more open discussion.

PorcFest on Telegram

PorcFest uses Telegram before, during, and after the festival as our main communication medium. Download the app today for both your phone and laptop, and click to join the channels below:

  • Porcfest Announcements: For official, real-time, important-to-know announcements. This will have far less traffic than the Attendee Chat, but it will update you with important information.;
  • PorcFest Attendee Chat: For any attendee who wants to get information from and coordinate with other attendees, organizers, vendors, speakers, movers, shakers, etc. This channel may become busy, so remember that MUTEing it is always an option.
  • PorcFest Hubs: For coordinating any attendee who wants:
    • To sell product or service,
    • To create a lounge (a canopy tent at your campsite where you invite other attendees to come hang out),
    • To create a venue (a canopy tent at your campsite where you host speakers and/or activities for other attendees)
  • PorcFest Speakers & Event Planning: For speakers and event organizers who do not yet have a hub to host their talk, workshop, demo, panel, discussion, music, dance, art, meetup, podcast etc.  This is where hubs and event-organizers can meet.

In addition to our official Telegram groups above, we encourage the hubs of activities (vendors, venues, and lounges) to create their own Telegram group to offer attendees more focused interest groups where those most engaged can plan in detail, can alert and update and connect during PorcFest, and can stay together supporting each other well after the freedom festival ends.

To see all the known groups who currently organize around PorcFest (and to get lists of videos, what-to-bring, how to buy/sell tickets, which hotels still have room etc.:

List of Links