Agora Valley

The Agora is PorcFest’s bustling commercial district. Vendors sell everything from gourmet coffee to t-shirts, from cryptocurrency to dog-walking services. Some vendors come to make money, but other vendors come for purely informational purposes, providing promotional materials or educational opportunities. Agora Valley is the hub of daily activity and voluntary commerce at PorcFest, and we’d love for you to be part of this pop-up downtown during the most prominent liberty-centric camping festival in the word. 

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Vendor Application

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Vendor Application

Agora Valley vendors

2018 Vendors

Currencies Accepted
$ US Dollar
B Bitcoin/Alt Currencies
GS Gold/Silver
T Trade/Barter
O Other

1 PorcRangers
2 Fr33 Aid
15 Old fashioned Soda and Dragon Breath Desserts $BGS
16 Porcfest Postcards and Genuine Gemstone Jewelry $BGST
17 Scofflaws $BGST
18 Porcupine Real Estate
19 AJ Freedom Financial $BGST
20 ThinkPenguin BGST
21 Libertarian Party (National)
22 Anypay
23 A True Church O
24 Laughs 4 Liberty/ Cultural Appropriation Grille $BGST
25 “NYC” Dirty Water Dogs $
26 Luv Java $BGST
27 Grass fed revolution
28 Hempzels $BGST
30 Wormtown Trading
31 Human Action
32 Brave Botanicals
33-34 Dash
39 ZenCash
40 Be.Education $B
41 Adra Architecture LLC / Anarchitecture Podcast
42 Taggart Trading $BGST
43 Little Zoe’s Pizza
48 Bean Store – Bean Cash
49 Destination Freedom
52 Holbrook Glass Art $TO
54 The Parlor
55 Shalon’s Massage and wellness
56-57 Alt Expo

Agora Valley Map