Agora Valley

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2017 Vendors

Currencies Accepted

$ US Dollar
B Bitcoin/Alt Currencies
GS Gold/Silver
T Trade/Barter
O Other

1 PorcRangers
2 Fr33 Aid
15 Big Al’s Fries $
16 PorcFest Postcards $BGS
17 Porcupine Real Estate $B
18 Cannon Ranch Old Fashioned Sodas $BGSTO
19 This Place @ That Fest $BGST
21 Spontaneous Orders $BGS
22 Muslims 4 Liberty/Laughs for Liberty Tees $BGST
24 Little Zoes Pizza $BGST
25 Liberty Loft $BGS
26 Luv Java High Performance Butter Coffee & CBD Infusion $BGST
27 Grass Fed Revolution $BGST
28 Shakedown Treats $BGSTO
30 Bitcoin Tent sponsored by Token Labs $B
31 Libertarian Party of New Hampshire $BGS
32 Adra Architecture / Anarchitecture Podcast O
33 Free The People
34 CryptoHWwallet $B
35 Borris’s BBQ $
36 ThinkPenguin $B
37 Shire Cryptocoin $BGSTO
39 Practical Republic $B
40-41 Swarm City O
42 Splurge Deep Fried Delights $O
43 Agorist Hosting $BGSTO
45 Hunter’s Fire and Ice $BGST
46 Area 46 $BGS
47 Nine Line Apparel
48 BitBean Store
49 Wormtown Trading $BGSTO
50 Shakin It Trading Post $BGST
51 Jay Noone & Shalon Da-Nai Lmt
52 Vermont Olde Tyme Kettle Corn
54 603 Alliance
55 Republican Liberty Caucus
56 Approval Voting USA
57 Reason Foundation
59 The Meltdown

Vendors Serving Breakfast

Site Vendor Open Menu
18 Cannon Ranch Old Fashioned Sodas 10:00am Old Fashioned Soda
21 Spontaneous Orders 7:30am Coffee, Orange Juice, Eggs, Bacon/Sausage, Breakfast Sandwiches
22 Muslims 4 Liberty 12noon
24 Little Zoes Pizza 9:00am Breakfast Pizzas
25 Liberty Loft 11:00am
26 Luv Java 6:00am Coffee
28 Shakedown Treats 4:20pm Coffee, Orange Juice, Eggs, Bacon/Sausage, Baked Goods, bagel sandwiches and omeletes
35 Borris’s BBQ 6:00am Coffee, Eggs, Home made sausage gravy and Biscuts
42 Splurge Deep Fried Delights 8:00am Coffee, Eggs, Bacon/Sausage, Pancakes, breakfast sandwichs
43 Agorist Hosting 6:00am Coffee
45 Hunter’s Fire and Ice 6:00am Coffee
46 Area 46 12noon
40-41 Swarm City 11:00am Coffee, Baked Goods

Vendors Serving Late Night

Site Vendor Close Menu
21 Spontaneous Orders Snacks, Drinks
22 Muslims 4 Liberty 9:00pm Snacks, Drinks
24 Little Zoes Pizza 8:00pm Meals, Snacks, Drinks
25 Liberty Loft 7:00pm
26 Luv Java 8:00pm
28 Shakedown Treats 4:20am Meals, Snacks, Drinks
35 Borris’s BBQ 10:00pm Meals, Drinks
42 Splurge Deep Fried Delights 2:00am Meals, Snacks, Drinks
43 Agorist Hosting 2:00am Snacks, Drinks
45 Hunter’s Fire and Ice 2:00am Drinks
46 Area 46 2:00am Snacks, Drinks
40-41 Swarm City 7:00pm Snacks, Drinks

The Agora is PorcFest’s downtown. Vendors sell everything from gourmet coffee to dishwashing services. Others are purely educational, providing food for thought or promotional materials. It is the place where meals are cooked, where homemade ice cream is scooped, and where chance encounters turn into fascinating conversations.

Agora Valley vendors

Lazy Agorist Rentals

Lazy Agorist Vending

Don’t have sufficient inventory to vend all week? Want to try out your goods and services to see community response? Feel like doing an afternoon of taco sales, but want to have your playtime at PorcFest as well? Grab a limited 3-hour slot with the Lazy Agorists!

Lazy Agorist Vendor Registration