PorcFest XII Logos for Download

PorcFest logos

Here you can download the logos for PorcFest XII 2015.

Below is a list of the logo files available. These files may be used in print or web with various options. The files are downloadable in 3 options:

PorcFest XII Logo File Packages

All packages include the following files:

  • PF 3D logo
  • PF Flat logo
  • PF XII Porcupine Long Shadow
  • PF XII Porcupine Medium Shadow
  • PF XII Porcupine No Shadow

Package 1 EPS Files

Package 1 includes all files in EPS format for printing.

Logo Package 1 EPS

Package 2 PNG Files

Package 2 includes all files in PNG format for web.

Logo Package 2 PNG

Package 3 AI File

Package 3 Includes all the logo variations in a single Adobe Illustrator CS4 file.

Logo Package 3 AI

PorcFest XII Blue Colors

The blue gradient web colors are: #00c3da to #005ed2
The blue gradient print colors are: CMYK 68-0-15-0 to CMYK 100-30-0-0