Agora Valley

This year, we’re spreading the festival around the campground. With the “Silk Road” giving greater access, and with venues and lounges spread throughout the campground, vending will take place in more than one area.

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Vendor Application

If you would like to be a vendor, please read our vendor letter to learn how easy it is to serve and sell at PorcFest.

Vendor Letter

Agora Valley vendors

2021 Hubs of Activity

The Quillette [Lounge], Map: ‘QL’ 85 Freedom Isle, Btm
Kowloon Saloon [Food], Map: ‘RV44’ 44 Crypto Isle, Btm
Fluffy Porcupine Coffee [Food], Map: ‘FPC’ 27 RonPaul Isle, South
Liberty Ecclesia [Venue], Map: ‘LE’ 2 RonPaul Isle, East
North County Lounge [Lounge], Map: ‘NCP’ 115 Hayek Isle, Mid
3DPrinterGoBrrr [Product], Map: ‘3DPG’ 36 Crypto Isle, Lwr
Liber-tea Party [Food], Map: ‘TEA’ 73 Freedom Isle, Mid
The Pavilion [Venue], Map: ‘FS’ 13 Anarchy Isle, Btm
The Pavillion [Venue], Map: ‘PAV’ Field
NHexit Consulate [Venue], Map: ‘NHex’ 18 Bastiat Isle, Mid
Wicked Wonderland [Product], Map: ‘Wckd’ 58 Decentralize Isle, Btm
Jam n’ Jerky [Food], Map: ‘JnJ’ 86 Freedom Isle, Btm
Pam’s Cookie Cache [Food], Map: ‘Pam’ 90 Williams Isle, Cntr
The Blueberry [Service], Map: ‘Blue’ MH4, Porcupine Isle, West
Registration [Service], Map: ‘Reg’ Field
Your Home [Venue], Map: ‘Home’ Field