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Current roles and Site Permissions

PorcFest Dashboard

*Look below for account/order details

If you would like to be a Hub Organizer, you will need to request access.

Click on Account Details located in the Dashboard.

Scroll down to User Role and pick the RV/Tent site you would like to be a Hub Organizer of.

Once you save changes, you will receive an email with further instructions.

Complete the form to verify you are the owner of the site.

You will receive an email to let you know if you are approved/denied.

If you have further questions on how to setup a calendar/events. Check out the FAQ section.

Need access to a particular Calendar?
Be sure to have the password from the Hub Organizer.
Click the = below.

Hub Organizer

How to Add a Calendar

How to Submit an Event

How to Add a Guest Speaker

What’s the difference?

You may view the contents of this section if you are assisting with the backend/coding of PorcFest activities.

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