Card Games (Teens)

Enjoy some card games with the teens and bring your own. We will have a full set of poker chips to play real poker (for free).

Dash DIgital Cash

Joël’s talk will bring us up to date on the latest developments in Dash, one of the most exciting cryptocurrencies around. He’ll also provide some previews about what Dash has coming down the pike.

Club Libertine *PARTY*

Hot Lights. House Beats. Sensual Dance. Let Loose. Dress to Get Laid.
*with DJ Capital Z*

Liberty Startups: Using Freedom to Flourish

Interested in building a scalable enterprise, or just like business war stories? Learn about the intersection of freedom and entrepreneurship while being subjected to mediocre jokes from LBRY and TopScore founder Jeremy Kauffman.


Waltz is a beautiful dance done to beautiful music. We will focus on waltz basics, partnering skills, and simple turns. We will learn the relaxed “country” style that has only a few rules. Bring water and shoes comfortable for dancing, and join the fun! Wine will be served for those who want to take that edge off.

Circle Dancing

Circle dancing/Israeli folk dance style. All dances and steps will be taught, no experience or partner needed. The dances are simple to learn and fun to do! Bring water and shoes comfortable for dancing. Open to people of all ages.

Free Ross

Ross Ulbricht’s mother will provide an overview of her son’s situation, along with the latest news on the appeal of his outrageous double-life sentence for running the Silk Road website.

Water Games

Start the day off right with water games, from sling-shot sponges to water balloon baseball, squirt gun tag and more!