Libertarians Are Assholes

How to manipulate people by implementing a philosophy of freedom in their everyday lives – by living liberty instead of just preaching it!

Building Your Educational Credentials Without the State

How can you signal your value in the marketplace without getting certification from the state? Why more young adults are choosing non-traditional educational paths, and why you should pay attention?  Followed by a Q&A in the upper picnic tent at 5:00.

There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads…and Our Hearts

Freeing our minds from statist imprisonment is a centerpiece of furthering freedom as we embrace logic and rationality. But less discussed are the restraints we — and all human beings — carry in our emotional bodies even if we’ve already escaped our institutional programming.

Meet the Regions

Come find out what’s happening in each region of New Hampshire. Learn your option of jobs, housing, and more.

Fire Spinners

Come down to the field and check out the art of fire spinning – an event you don’t want to miss!

Toilet Paper Fashion Show

Here’s a great way to show off your inner designer. Join us for a fun-filled hour of laughs in our friendly toilet paper fashion event. Signs-ups are to be at 4:00PM-4:30PM with teams of two.

Kids’ PorcOlympics

Join Margot & Bradley for the epic 10th annual Kids’ PorcOlympics. We have so much fun!! Bradley was a Penn State Decathlete who leads this “run-jump-throw” events for the kids.

Beergasm ’18

Come mingle and share your favorite beverages with your fellow PorcFest attendees. Bring a handful of your favorite local beers, microbrews, home brews, wines, or meads (no common swill like Bud, Coors, Miller, etc). Trade your brew for a tasting cup (your admission “ticket”). After the toast, you can then chat and sample all the fine brews.