Sold Out

The Tickets to PorcFest 2022 are sold out.

You can still find tickets in the ticket after-market, and accommodations in the space after-market
(Attendees who end up not being able to go will be looking to sell you their tickets and their spaces.)

For more information, and to discuss with other attendees about tickets, spaces, and the event in general:

(The “PorcFest Agora” Telegram group will likely give you the most hands-on help with tickets and spaces, whereas the other two are better for general info.)

Can’t Make it?

If you can’t make it to PorcFest 2022, visit the Free State during the year. We have liberty events going on all around the state, every day of the week. Come and spend a week with us. Visit our community centers, take part in our debates, watch liberty films, attend liberty meetups in multiple towns, and most of all, meet other porcupines.

Thank you for supporting the Free State’s goal to create Liberty in Our Lifetime.

With you moving here to help us, New Hampshire will some day be PorcFest 365 days a year!