Upper Body Workout

This 40 minute routine works your arms and shoulders whilst strengthening you core. Done seated or standing, you will work up a sweat! The music is fun and lively, so come on down and work it out! Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Political Activism Panel

A lot of Free Staters participate in political activism and have been racking up victories. Want to be politically active? Learn about the opportunities and the process by attending this panel.

Card Games (Teens)

Enjoy some card games with the teens and bring your own. We will have a full set of poker chips to play real poker (for free).

Dash DIgital Cash

Joël’s talk will bring us up to date on the latest developments in Dash, one of the most exciting cryptocurrencies around. He’ll also provide some previews about what Dash has coming down the pike.

Libertarians Are Assholes

How to manipulate people by implementing a philosophy of freedom in their everyday lives – by living liberty instead of just preaching it!

Building Your Educational Credentials Without the State

How can you signal your value in the marketplace without getting certification from the state? Why more young adults are choosing non-traditional educational paths, and why you should pay attention?  Followed by a Q&A in the upper picnic tent at 5:00.

Club Libertine *PARTY*

Hot Lights. House Beats. Sensual Dance. Let Loose. Dress to Get Laid.
*with DJ Capital Z*